Recently, the XAYZB80/1070-U reinforced polypropylene plate box filter press ordered by a customer in Shaanxi arrived at the customer's site smoothly, and Sudong quickly carried out installation work. Let's follow the technicians and take a look at the installation techniques of the box filter press.



1. Whole machine lifting

When lifting the unit, first remove the hydraulic station, and then remove all movable filter plates (be careful not to damage the sealing surface of the filter plate when removing the filter plate) to reduce the lifting weight. The lifting steel rope should hook onto the exposed parts at both ends of the crossbeam for lifting. During lifting, the center of gravity must be accurately determined, and the selection of steel ropes should be reasonable. The contact area between the steel ropes and components should be padded with soft materials, and each component should not be damaged. After the rack installation is completed, place the filter plates back into the rack in the original order. The small machine can be lifted as a whole.

2. Installation of the machine

(1) The machine should generally be installed on a building about 2-2.5 meters above the ground to facilitate the unloading and transportation of filter cakes. It shall not be installed in outdoor areas.

(2) Before installation, first lay the foundation and set up reserved holes for anchor bolts for secondary grouting.

(3) During installation, the two crossbeams of the machine need to be aligned with a level gauge in the same plane. At the same time, in order to facilitate the flow of filtrate during operation, the outlet end can be 30-40mm lower than the other end.

(4) During installation, the two machine legs are fixed with anchor bolts. The foundation should be grouted twice.

(5) The installation site should not be too far from the material handling site. The base of the entire machine should be a certain distance higher than the foundation surface, in order to place a liquid collection tray under the machine.

(6) The electrical control cabinet should be installed in a place that is out of contact with corrosion sources, with an ambient temperature of 0-55 ℃, a relative humidity of 5-95%, and no condensation. Avoid damage to electrical components that may affect normal operation.

(7) The selection of feed flow rate should be based on the limited pressure and flow rate, and a return pipe and pressure gauge should be installed on the feed pipe to ensure that the machine operates within a safe working pressure. If the model is washable, the selection of the washing pump should be adapted to the feed pump, and the pressure of the washing pump is slightly higher than that of the feed pump.

(8) The installation of the pipeline system can be carried out by users according to the pipeline layout diagram and in combination with the actual situation on site, but it must be ensured that the installation, use, and maintenance are convenient. The pipeline should be as short as possible and minimize turns.

(9) The installation position of the hydraulic station can be determined by the user, and if changes are needed, the oil pipe can be configured by the user.

(10) Connect the power cord and other components to the electrical control cabinet according to the terminal wiring diagram and check to ensure they are correct.