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Product Filter press series
Composite rubber plate filter press
Composite rubber plate filter press
Composite rubber plate filter press

The composite rubber plate filter press is a patented product of our company. The filter plate is molded with rubber and skeleton plate. The steel skeleton can be reused for multiple times, with low comprehensive maintenance cost. The filter plate has strong acid resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics. The filter plate has stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance (acid, alkali, salt solution, and polar solvents), non-toxic, odorless, light weight, high strength, and good toughness.

The rubber plate filter press is used to treat wastewater from steel, coking, and chlor alkali chemical enterprises. The moisture content of the filter cake can generally be reduced by about 10% compared to the polypropylene plate filter press, and the operating cost is reduced by about 30%. The labor intensity of workers is low, and the working environment is clean and tidy.

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