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Chlor alkali chemical industry

The chlor alkali industry is a basic chemical raw material industry that occupies an important position in the national economy. Its main products, caustic soda, chlorine gas, and hydrogen gas, are widely used in various sectors of the national economy, such as light industry, chemical industry, prevention, building materials, agriculture, electronics, national defense, military industry, metallurgy, and food processing. Among the basic chemical raw materials of three acids and two bases, the chlor alkali industry occupies two types: caustic soda and hydrochloric acid. The main raw materials are mercury containing and non mercury containing raw salts. The generated waste includes coal ash, waste carbide slag, waste salt sludge, mercury containing waste activated carbon, adsorber activated carbon and waste catalyst, water treatment waste sludge, salt sludge wastewater, and exhaust gas. Direct discharge will have a significant adverse impact on the environment.

Chlor alkali chemical industry
Application Area

Sudong chlor alkali filter press is a special separation equipment for chlor alkali industry, which is mainly used in production links such as chlor alkali salt mud, calcium carbide slag, pesticide intermediates, dyes, white carbon black, graphite, bleaching powder, titanium dioxide, magnesium salt, barium salt, water purification agent (aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum chloride, basic aluminum chloride), etc.

Utilizing a plate and frame filter press to achieve solid-liquid separation of waste salt sludge generated in the production process of soda ash, and to recover raw salt and water; Realize solid-liquid separation of the generated ammonia waste liquid and recover the filtrate, which is then sent to the next process as raw material for the production of calcium chloride.



Pesticide intermediates

Pesticide intermediates

Carbide slag

Carbide slag

Chlor alkali salt mud

Chlor alkali salt mud

Application Advantages

Sudong filter press has a market share of over 80% in the chlor alkali chemical industry, especially with the advantage of patented composite rubber plate filter press. This series of filter press has good sealing performance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, stable structural performance, and a service life of more than 5 years. The filter plate framework can be reused multiple times with adhesive recycling, resulting in low annual comprehensive maintenance costs. It has been widely used by large domestic and foreign chemical enterprises such as Beiyuan Group, Yihua Group, and Yili Resources, and has received unanimous praise from users.

Product Selection

Rubber plate filter press, polypropylene plate filter press, polypropylene plate diaphragm filter press

The rubber plate filter press uses chloroprene rubber, which is mixed and modified, and then combined with a steel framework for high-pressure vulcanization forming. The filter plate has good sealing performance, good on-site operating environment, good compressed air blowing effect, and low energy consumption; The working filtration pressure is high, and the filtration pressure can reach 1.2MPa; The moisture content of the mud cake is low, which can be reduced by 5% -10% compared to the polypropylene plate filter press; The filter plate has high strength, with a temperature resistance of up to 120 ℃ and a service life of over 8 years; The steel framework can be reused multiple times with adhesive recycling, resulting in low comprehensive maintenance costs. The application of rubber plate filter press effectively reduces the comprehensive maintenance cost of the product, reduces the moisture content of the mud cake, and further reduces the energy consumption level.

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