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Non ferrous metallurgy

Wastewater from the non-ferrous metallurgical industry is generated during the wet smelting process of various non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver, etc. Wastewater contains high concentrations of metal ions and is not allowed to be discharged. Its composition is complex and variable, making it difficult to treat industrial wastewater. It is one of the main wastewater that pollutes the environment and should be recycled as much as possible. The final discharged wastewater must undergo coagulation and flotation treatment before reaching the discharge standards.

Non ferrous metallurgy
Application Area

Wastewater generated during the wet smelting process of copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver, etc., including the acid hydrolysis, leaching, anode slime and other sections of electrolytic copper, electrolytic zinc, electrolytic manganese, nickel, vanadium titanium, etc., as well as the red mud/flotation tailings section of the alumina industry.

Product Selection

Polypropylene plate diaphragm filter press, fully automatic programmable filter press, rubber diaphragm plate filter press

The polypropylene diaphragm filter plate is made of high-quality TPE elastomer and alkali free fiberglass polypropylene material. The pressure of the diaphragm can reach 1.6MPa, and a special flow channel design is adopted, which increases the filtration speed by about 20%; Compared to ordinary filter presses, the moisture content of the mud cake is reduced by about 20%.

The fully automatic programmable filter press has been widely used in the red mud and flotation tailings sections of the alumina industry. It adopts PLC program control, which is easy to operate, has a high degree of safety and automation, and has fast cake unloading speed.

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