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Food and medicine

With the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater is receiving increasing attention. As long as the wastewater generated by the industry contains a large amount of toxic organic compounds, such as side chain lipids, petroleum ether, acetone, methanol, ethanol, dichloromethane, toluene, and various acid and alkali substances, as well as residues of cephalosporin antibiotics. This type of wastewater has complex components, high organic content, high molecular weight, and strong inhibitory effects of toxic substances and antibiotics on biochemical treatment bacteria. It is currently one of the most difficult to treat wastewater.

Food and medicine
Application Area

Filtration of fermentation broth, enzyme preparations, sewage treatment and other processes, pharmaceutical or intermediate materials

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The diaphragm filter press can obtain filter cakes with low moisture content through secondary drum pressing, improving the yield. The product can achieve fully automated operation, with a feed pressure of up to 1.6MPa and a drum pressing pressure of up to 2.5MPa. According to the working conditions and material properties, the moisture content of the mud cake can reach about 30%. The rack can be coated with heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint, plastic, stainless steel, and PP board according to different industry requirements. The application of diaphragm filter press effectively solves the problems of high moisture content of mud cake, low filtration efficiency, difficulty in forming mud cake, and difficult to filter materials.

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