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Coal industry

As a high energy consuming industry, the coal industry consumes resources and pollutes the environment to a high extent. The wastewater it discharges contains a large amount of harmful and toxic substances such as ammonia nitrogen, phenol, oil, cyanide, etc. The disorderly discharge of wastewater from coal enterprises has already endangered the quality of groundwater. If we do not increase the efforts to treat wastewater from coal enterprises, it may cause serious harm to society and people's living environment, This exacerbates the contradiction between water supply and demand. The organic pollutants in the wastewater discharged by coal enterprises are mainly polycyclic aromatic compounds, phenols, and heterocyclic compounds containing sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen, which belong to typical industrial wastewater that is difficult to degrade. Sudong Intelligent Disposable Quick Pull Filter Press is an automatic pull plate filter press that automatically pulls all the filter plates apart at once, with fast cake unloading speed. Its performance improves production efficiency by 5-10 times compared to ordinary filter presses. Stable and reliable work; The overall automatic movement of the filter cloth forces complete cake unloading; Manual or fully automatic operation is optional, convenient, flexible, and highly automated.

Coal industry
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