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Mining industry

Some mine water contains radioactive pollutants, which are discharged into the natural environment and cause varying degrees of damage to agricultural, land, and forest resources. The high-efficiency, energy-saving, and fast pulling filter press developed by Sudong is mainly aimed at the characteristics of large wastewater treatment capacity and fast filtration speed in the mining industry, greatly saving cycle time and improving filtration efficiency.

Efficient, energy-saving, and fast pulling filter presses have been widely used in the dewatering section of iron ore, copper mine, and gold mine tailings treatment, with the characteristics of high efficiency and filter biscuits. This model has the following advantages:

1. Good sealing effect, fast filtration speed, and uniform thickness of filter cake;

2. Easy, fast, and safe loading and unloading of filter cloth;

3. The moisture content of the filter cake is low, and the blowing completely penetrates the filter cake without air leakage. The filter cake automatically falls off;

Mining industry
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